How To Prepare For An Open House

While some CT homes aren’t ideal for an open house due to their condition or location, many sell as a result of allowing potential buyers to walk in and look around. For many of us however, staging a home is a daunting idea. This pressure increases given the fact that the real estate market nowadays is extremely competitive, so the last thing a seller wants is to hold an open house that is ineffective towards would-be buyers.

Here are some general tips on how to prepare your property for an open house.


Do Your Research


Consider your surrounding neighborhood. Is it a first time buyer area, or a family orientated suburb? How established or upscale is the neighborhood, and does your house seem fairly standard or need upgrading compared to the ones around it? Depending on your location, potential buyers might expect certain features as most people want to feel like they fit in with their community. Ask a realtor for help if you’re unsure how your home stacks up.


Be Objective


If you’re set on selling your property, you have to view it not as your home, but as a product that must be made to appeal to other people. Take an objective walk through each room with the perspective of a potential buyer in mind. Write down any problem areas or potential negatives. If you can’t give your home a hard look over, recruit the help of a friend or someone you know who isn’t afraid to tell you things are they are.


Address Big Picture Problems


In today’s market, most buyers want homes that are move-in ready. This means that if you can take care of the major problems ahead of time, your updated property will sell faster and for a better price. Look at your list of problem areas and decide what fixes are the most important that you can accomplish while still staying within your budget. Maybe the carpet looks old, your whole house looks cluttered, or there is a broken window. These are the types of big things you want to go ahead and clean, replace, or repair; otherwise buyers will definitely note them as a negative when they walk in the door. Especially if you have unique tastes, be sure to depersonalize your home of things that might be distracting or off-putting to others.


Take Care of the Details


To make your property more attractive to potential buyers, it has to be more than just clean and in decent shape. It should be inviting and allow them to envision themselves calling this particular house their home. Things like how the house smells or if the lawn looks nice do make a difference. Take the time and effort to really wow buyers when they visit in order to get the most out of having an open house.

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