How To Sell My House Fast

How to Sell Your Home Fast

Perhaps you’ve just been notified by your boss that you’re being relocated or are under pressure by some other emergency. Whatever the reason, you need to sell your house ASAP in a competitive soft housing market.

For most sellers in this tight situation, their biggest concern is this: “How can I sell my house quickly?” While your choices vary depending on your individual circumstances, here are some of the most common ways to sell your home fast.


Clean, Stage, and Be Move In Ready

While you probably don’t have time for major renovations, packing up all your belongings and staging your property so its visually appealing definitely helps.

To sell fast, your home needs to be in decently good condition, with the inside and outside looking clean and inviting. Don’t forget curb appeal. Staging your entire home does take work, but first impressions make a big difference since most buyers do an initial drive-by before deciding to continue further.


Use the Internet and Spread the Word

While online property listings take some time and effort to set up, that’s where most buyers begin looking, so make sure your home is listed on popular real estate sites. Don’t skimp on having plenty of high quality pictures. You need your home to look visually attractive and appealing, so pictures that show your property off well are critical.

Let everyone around you be aware of the fact that you’re selling your home. Word of mouth, community advertising, and social media are helpful tools as well. If you’re willing to draw the attention of potential buyers in a less traditional manner, consider auctioning or listing your home on sites like eBay or craigslist.

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Cut Your Asking Price

In general, the houses that sell the fastest in any neighborhood are the ones that look the best and are priced right. Do your research on other for-sale homes competing for buyers in your area, and price your property accordingly. Since time is of the essence, you can make your home more enticing in a down market by being 5-10% lower in price than other properties. Offering incentives like covering closing costs is also an option.

Especially if you can’t afford to play the usual waiting game, slashing your asking price and cutting your losses means you can move on quickly and minimize that slow financial bleed.


Consider a Short Sale or Deed-In-Lieu

If you’re underwater on your mortgage payments, can’t get refinanced, or are in danger of foreclosure, you might be eligible for a short sale or deed-in-lieu. However, this option is less than ideal if you need to sell quickly, since a “short” sale or deed-in-lieu can take up to a year to finalize depending on how your lender reacts. It also hurts your credit score and may involve obligations to pay the remaining mortgage deficiency.

To avoid lengthy last-ditch options but still offload your house quickly, consider turning to real estate professionals like EliteHouseBuyer. We will buy your house from you outright at a reasonable price.